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      现转发Marcel Buhm老师任课的《宏观经济学I》课程大纲。请大家查收链接http://www.economist.com/node/14447939/print  课程材料,于第一次上课前准备好相关纸质材料。
附:Orginal file from from Marcel,
. I have uploaded the lecture material for the first week to my website www.marcelbluhm.com Students will be able to download material for the first lecture on Friday using the password keynes
. Please forward the updated syllabus to all students. Please also send them the following link and ask them to bring a printout to class: http://www.economist.com/node/14447939/print  
It is very important that they read the text before class and bring it with them because we will discuss the concept of GDP in that lecture and the text offers a critical point of view on that concept.
Macroeconomics_2013 ClassA_Syllabus_DD Marcel.pdf

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