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Tea Time: Finding a Thesis Supervisor in WISE-SOE

 International Master and Doctoral (Ph.D.) students of WISE-SOE (Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics-School of Economics) attended a Tea Time on Wednesday (2018/5/16) at SunWISE Cafe. The aim of this event was to discuss their thesis proposals and to find a thesis supervisor.

This event started at 4.40 PM and was opened by Professor Andrew Pua. There were twenty two students and ten professors during the afternoon Tea Time, the International Master and Ph.D.  first year students. They brought with them their research proposal in order to get a thesis’ supervisor who is suitable with their interest and field. During the Tea Time, students spoke to professors according to thesis topic and research interest. They were sitting at small tables and making a small group discussion. One professor spoke with at least two students at the same time. Some students even moved around to talk with several professors during this event.

The Program Coordinator of the International Program, Yang Song, arranged the table and chair in small group so student could choose to talk and ask to the professors which were suitable with their research area. Although, all students did not directly finding supervisor during the Tea Time, but they were able to get informative and useful feedback related to research proposal. This event also encouraged student to shape their thesis topic and got the right supervisor according to their interest. Finally, students will have an idea and plan to complete the thesis on-time.

By Feby Dwi Sutianto - Student Assistant

Master of Economics in Management