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The Graduation of International Master at WISE-SOE 2018

 Time flies by so quickly. International Master students of WISE-SOE (Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics-School of Economics) attended a graduation ceremony on the 24th of June. There were totally fourteen international master students from WISE-SOE who graduated in June 2018.

The student had a tough time during the academic period at WISE-SOE. The proud smiles was the result of their hard work and persistence when they finally completed the degree with a good result.

WISE-SOE also rewarded the prize to some outstanding students. Karina Espinel’s paper was chosen as the excellent thesis in 2018. For excellent students, Onwachukwu Chinedu Increase got the first prize winner. Three students (Rumbidzai Amanda Bakasa, Makafui Anani, and Okoye Obiora Jude) were awarded as the second prize winner. Moreover, WISE-SOE also selected Feby Dwi Sutianto and Karina Espinel for outstanding of International WISE-SOE Community Service in 2018. This honor announced during WISE-SOE’s graduation dinner on 21st of June. The prize was delivered by Professor Linlin Niu, the Director of the International Graduate Program at WISE.

After graduation from WISE-SOE, some of them will start work in a company or continue their career in government institutions. Moreover, some of them also will pursue their academic career as Ph.D. students in prominent
universities around the world. 


By Feby Dwi Sutianto - Student Assistant

Master of Economics in Management