Behavioral Finance and Stock Market Anomalies

主讲人: Li Qi

Li QI is Professor of Economics at Agnes Scott College.  She joined the faculty after completing a postdoctoral research fellowship at Columbia University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on China’s economy, and behavioral economics and finance. Her recent publications are featured in peer-reviewed journals such as Review of Finance, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Business Ethics Quarterly, China Economic Review, Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, Chinese Economy, etc. She received research funding from prestigious institutes and foundations including National Institutes of Health, Mellon Foundation, AsiaNetwork, Freeman Foundation, Ronald Coase Institute, National Science Foundation, NBER etc. She is a recipient of many awards including Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Social Sciences (2018-2019), Fulbright Senior Research Scholar (2012 – 2013), ASIANetwork Mellon Faculty Enhancement Award (2016), Freeman Foundation Student-Faculty Collaborative-Research Fellows Award (2009). 

主持人: Yun Wang

This lecture reviews the development history of behavioral finance, and introduces major stock market anomalies to efficient pricing including the equity premium puzzle, bubbles, and excess volatility. It will also provide an explanation to these anomalies using the approach of behavioral finance. In addition, we will discuss the impact of an unusual trade on behavior in experimental bubbles markets.

时间: 2018-12-17(Monday)16:40-18:00
地点: D235, Econ Building
期数: 高级经济学系列讲座2018秋季学期第七讲(总第413讲)
类型: 系列讲座

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