The 10th Biennial Conference of HKEA—Plenary 2

主讲人: Michael Song

Michael Zheng Song is a professor at the Department of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), an outstanding fellow of the Faculty of Social Science at CUHK, a co-director of CUHK-Tsinghua Joint Research Center for Chinese Economy and a distinguished visiting professor at the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University.

His research focuses on Chinese economy and macroeconomics. He published papers on leading academic journals including American Economic Review and Econometrica. His paper “Growing like China” won Sunyefang Economic Science Award and the Best Paper Award for Chinese Young Economists.

Before joining CUHK, Prof. Song was an associate professor of economics at Chicago Booth. Prof. Song is also a co-editor of China Economic Review, an associate editor of Econometrica and Journal of European Economic Association and an academic committee member of China’s Economics Foundation.

主持人: Yinggang Zhou

Michael Song: Institutional Foundation of China's Growth and Slowdown

时间: 2018-12-14(Friday)13:20-14:30
地点: N303, Econ Building
类型: 独立讲座

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